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Failure in eTIN registration

  • Published at 09:10 pm July 12th, 2014

Taxpayers will face a number of troubles, instead of penalty, if they do not get registered with the electronic Taxpayers Identification Number (eTIN).

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has, however, backtracked from its previous stance to penalise them for failure in getting eTIN.

The government was scheduled to incorporate a provision with the finance bill 2014 to penalise the taxpayers if they do not register with the eTIN, but it is now planning to bring the taxpayers under the voluntary system, and therefore, refrained from including the provision with the bill, said NBR officials.

They said the board was compelled to extend the deadline till June 2014 as there was no such provision in the Income Tax Ordinance 1984 to take any action against taxpayers if he/she does not take eTIN.

The board has extended the deadline twice due to lack of expected response and the legal loopholes.

“We were informed that there will be a new provision with the income tax act to penalise the taxpayers for not complying with the mandatory eTIN system, but the provision has not been incorporated,” said a high official of NBR.

“The government is now thinking the taxpayers will register with the system voluntarily because they will face trouble unless comply with the system.”

Currently, provision for penalising the taxpayers is absent at the income tax law as the NBR did not consider including a provision in the income tax ordinance about the punishment while introducing the eTIN in July last year.

“Taxpayers will now face troubles as they will not be able to get a number of services without eTIN.

So, they will automatically register with the system to get the benefits,” the official added.

With the passage of finance bill 2014, the government has barred 10 digit TIN holders from getting a number of services including registration and fitness renewal of vehicles, opening letters of credits, getting loans and credit cards, ISD telephone line and application for utility services including gas and electricity connection.

The services, which the TIN holders cannot be subscribed also includes registration for purchase of land, building or an apartment, issuance of practicing licence to doctor, chartered accountant, cost and management accountant, lawyers or an income tax practitioner,

Currently, there are 17.52lakh valid individual TIN holders and 50,000 companies in the country. Among them, the NBR was able to net some 12.50lakh taxpayers within the eTIN system during the last one year.