• Friday, May 25, 2018
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A much-needed assurance

Opinion , Editorial

Fri, May 25 2018

It is of utmost importance to catch perpetrators of actual digital crimes, but that should

Respecting due process

Opinion , Editorial

Thu, May 24 2018

In the latest drive by law enforcement agencies against drive peddling, more than 40 people,

On the precipice of death

Opinion , Editorial

Wed, May 23 2018

The number of people killed by landslides in our country every year is too high

Used and abused

Opinion , Editorial

Tue, May 22 2018

Every year, thousands of Bangladeshi men and women make the dangerous journey abroad for work.

The path of most resistance

Opinion , Editorial

Mon, May 21 2018

It is unacceptable that average public transport speed remains the same as the average walking speed:...

Korean investment could be a game...

Opinion , Editorial

Sun, May 20 2018

There is simply no denying the fact that FDI is the key to a nation’s sustainable growth

Murderers behind wheels

Opinion , Editorial

Fri, May 18 2018

We demand justice for Nazim. We want murderers behind wheels to be made to answer for their crimes

A month of restraint

Opinion , Editorial

Fri, May 18 2018

We cannot let extremism win, or let it besmirch the good name of the true teachings of Islam

The sky is the limit

Opinion , Editorial

Thu, May 17 2018

Bangladesh’s journey to developing nation status is nothing short of remarkable. As such, the United...

Spreading the light

Opinion , Editorial

Wed, May 16 2018

We have seen what can happen when the teachings of Islam are twisted by militants and extremists to try...

Dial for a doctor

Opinion , Editorial

Tue, May 15 2018

To realize a truly Digital Bangladesh, mobile health care could very well be the next big step

A future worth investing in

Opinion , Editorial

Mon, May 14 2018

Bangladesh remains riddled with obstacles and red-tape for investors, both foreign and local

Getting tough on campus violence

Opinion , Editorial

Sun, May 13 2018

Violence committed under the party’s name is violence nonetheless

Stepping into the future

Opinion , Editorial

Fri, May 11 2018

An event such as this is unprecedented in Bangladesh’s history, and truly speaks to the advancements...

The tip of the iceberg


Mon, May 7 2018

The government must reform our education sector, so that future graduates have what it takes to...

This is no way to live

Opinion , Editorial

Sun, May 6 2018

Year after year, the same problem persists, the city authorities remain woefully unprepared to tackle...

Time for the OIC to act

Opinion , Editorial

Sat, May 5 2018

OIC member states can discuss ways of taking in refugee communities and integrating them into their own...

Safety first

Opinion , Editorial

Fri, May 4 2018

By taking stock of the mistakes we made in the past, the RMG sector has made a truly commendable...

A pressing matter

Opinion , Editorial

Fri, May 4 2018

For us to be truly democratic, unpopular and unpalatable opinions must be tolerated

State of denial

Opinion , Editorial

Thu, May 3 2018

The world has overwhelming evidence of the atrocities that have taken place in Rakhine state

A day of solidarity

Opinion , Editorial

Mon, Apr 30 2018

Unless and until we treat our workers as fellow human beings, we cannot claim to have progressed as a...