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7 travel hacks to save time and space

  • Published at 12:26 am July 4th, 2017
7 travel hacks to save time and space
Right about now, we’re all probably having a strong sense of wanderlust. Sure, you’re excited and planning the perfect trip but have you given proper thought to what you’ll pack for it? Ah, yes, the dreaded packing session, it can induce panic in even the calmest of individuals. Here are seven tips to make packing for the perfect getaway a bit easier. Make a list Not only is this a good idea for ruling out what not to pack, it keeps you on track! Revisit and review this list in the days before your trip and you’ll find yourself editing and adjusting, the end result being a complete list of everything you’ll need. This tip is wonderful for providing some objective and direction, because let’s be honest, it can be so easy to get derailed and pack all sorts of unnecessary items.
Revisit and review this list in the days before your trip and you’ll find yourself editing and adjusting
Pack it in a case The easiest way to stay organised would be to invest in packing guides, but if you consider that an unnecessary expense, there are still other ways to prevent a messy situation. You can use pencil cases or sunglass holders for your cables and chargers, and re-sealable bags for jewellery and loose accessories. For shoes, use plastic bags or old shower caps to keep the dirty soles away from your clothes. If you use hairpins and hair ties, and yet you always seem to lose them; no fear, it’s Tic-Tac boxes to the rescue! Use old mint boxes to store them and you won’t have to shuffle through your bag in a desperate search. bigstock--181551748 Keep calm and carry-on Mishaps can happen to anyone, so keep your most valuable belongings close to your heart, that is, in your carry-on. Also, a pro-tip would be to keep a change of clothes in case of emergencies and luggage delays. Roll it; don’t fold it It can always feel like there’s never enough space for everything you want to pack, so once you’ve eliminated everything unnecessary, ease your frustration by rolling your clothes instead of folding them and lo and behold! Your spacing issues have been solved. What’s great about this tip is that it even prevents wrinkling, and it’s a rule of thumb that saves you from the tedious process of folding. Travel-sized toiletries Pack your essentials in compact containers instead of their full-sized counterparts and you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle. After all, you’re not going to finish the entire tube of toothpaste on your week-long trip, now are you? You can purchase travel-sized containers or recycle the ones from your last hotel haul. For cotton buds, you can reuse old medicine bottles. bigstock-Toiletries-For-Travelling-2885101 No more liquid leaks Imagine this: You reach into your bag for some sunscreen (a travel must-have) only to find it splattered on everything you own, it’s every traveller’s nightmare. Save yourself from this chaos by adding a layer of plastic wrap to the neck of your liquid container and then twisting on the lid on top of that. Add the final touch by sealing the closed container with a bit of clear tape. Wait, weight! Before you start packing, keep in mind that you’re the one who’s going to have to drag all that baggage around. To make it easier, pack the heavy paraphernalia near the bottom of your suitcase or backpack for convenient weight distribution.